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Build you website and business with dotupp

Are you a local Newcastle (NSW Australia) business needing a new website? Then you will be glad you stumbled upon this website.

Read on to discover the benefits of a local company with global strength.

Our website development strategy is simple. We want to make you happy. Happy when you call us, happy with the price and happy with the finished result.

To do that we believe that being truly helpful in all aspects of your business is the key to success. With that said, we are here, ready to help you.

Help you design and launch your new online business. Ready to help you fix up your old and tired site?

Ready to help with your online store, marketing yourself online, content writing, logo design, web development, automation anything related to your online success? We are here ready.


Our team offer all of the services mentioned and so many more. Including hosting your site. All at an incredible price. Our servers are secure and reliable.

Our lean workflow means you will be able to track the progress of your site every step of the way.

At our disposal are tons of templates, photos, graphics and more. We can add drop-down menus, navigation bars, search boxes, you name it. Everything to make your site professional and a true reflection of your business.

We will make sure that your site is error-free and easy to navigate. We can help you with branding, social media strategy, SEO all aspects of Internet marketing and online business.


In a more progressively online world, your website is the primary platform for success — it is the platform around which all your business marketing efforts will revolve around. Open 24 hrs 7 days a week your site should always be working for you.

Make sure your website is at its brightest, most robust and most powerful so you can maximise your results.

5 Reasons to own a website today

  1. Increases your visibility
  2. Proven Communication Channel
  3. Builds Brand Awareness Online
  4. Builds Social Credibility
  5. Give you a Global Reach


The best website developers often offer different packages and prices. The cheapest designers out there should be avoided, as should the most expensive. The cheapest is the free (DIY) online web-building software, like Wix, and numerous others.

Online builder tools may seem like a good deal, but consider your time and your sanity – when you can get a basic set-up for $499.00 and no grey hairs. Consider what the finished product will look like – as this will be the reflection of your business.

Take a look at some of our finished sites

Good design service will offer continual support and will promptly answer any questions you have. They will have a customer service team, an FAQ page, and a good reputation. Be sure to do a little research before officially hiring a developer.

If you need help, help is what we do best. Check out our affordable website packages here and our E-Commerce solutions here. We are ready! contact us today!

We offer some of the most competitive website solutions for any local business. Don’t mess about with online web builders, get a professional team to do it for you. No headaches no hassles.

Start the Website Order Process

The simple step by step method for ordering a website. Displays prices as you proceed. No payment required.



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Starter E-commerce Website
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Professional eCommerce Website
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Tell us what you do and why you're better than your competition. Why a customer should use your business. We use this information for your About Me page.

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Getting a professional to build your website, is very affordable. Beautiful websites, beautiful price, that’s what we’re about.

Check out our Portfolio and see the quality of our work and the value that you get.

We also offer competitive digital market solutions for any local business. Make us part of your team.

Don’t mess about with expensive agencies, get a professional team to do it for you. No headaches no hassles.

Getting professional marketing solutions for your business – now that’s what we’re about.