Basic Plus Premium Website


This package is a premium website which comes included with a premium template. It’s a great way to get an affordable easy-to-learn online business set up immediately. With loads of room to expand in the future. This package is built, ready to expand, with easy modular features that can be added as your online business grows.


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What’s included in the Premium Website package?

Our affordable premium website is a great business starter website. This website includes a customised premium template. These templates include features suited to your needs. It is great way to start out online.

Your website is built on the popular WordPress Framework. This gives your website powerful shelf publishing capabilities. You can add images, photos, videos, text, visual, audio, all in the admin dashboard.

You can always add on extra functionality later, as you grow and require more options.

WordPress is used by over 50% of the internet, and is perfect to get your business up and running.



  • Choose a Premium Template (as a base, that we then customise)
  • Preview The Theme Demo – (We don’t Mock-Up the design)



  • 2 Set Up Revisions (If you don’t like the first result.. ask for a 2nd revision)



  • 1 WordPress Installation (We install the WordPress framework with admin area)
  • 5 Plugin Installations (We install plugins to give your website extra functionality)
  • 10 Pages Created (We create up to 10 pages/posts – with your supplied content)
  • 1 Blog Integration (You can choose to have blog posts instead of all pages)
  • 2 Menu Positions (You can include you own custom header and footer menus)


  • CONTENT PAGES (* must be supplied by client)

  • 10 Page Content Integration (Can also include images, Youtube videos, tables, charts, graphs)
  • or
  • 10 Blog Content Integration (Can also include images, Youtube videos, tables, charts, graphs)
  • or
  • 10 Mix of Blog & Page Content Integration (Can also include images, Youtube videos, tables, charts, graphs)



  • Client Revisions (Check over the website and provide any feedback)
  • Site Launch (We launch the site live – and show you how to update
  • Site QA (Pre-Launch or Post launch – up to 2 hours of training/questions etc)



  • On-Page Optimisation (We optimized your pages for search engines)



  • 30 Days Support and Bug Fixes


  • All this for the low price of $499 per site


  1. Choose your Premium Theme
  2. Add this product to your Shopping Cart.
  3. Add Your Hosting Package (Choose This One)
  4. Go to the Checkout and pay the set up fee ($499.00 + Hosting)
  5. Complete the brief and supply your Logo and other content
  6. We proceed to build it fast.
  7. We add your logo and your content. (up to 10 pages with your images etc)
  8. You review the site and suggest improvements, then we make changes accordingly
  9. When your happy, your site is ready to go

Premium Business Website Package. This package includes a premium template and site set-up, which includes only the features you need. It's a great way to do business online.

Your site will be built on the Wordpress Framework with incredible shelf publishing capabilities; add images, photos, videos, text, visual, audio, all kinds of stuff, using the online dashboard.

First we find out what you need, so we can build your store according to your requirements. We do this by adding special software (plugin's) to your website. This gives your website the exact functionality (tools) you need to help you run your business more efficiently.

This combination means you can add or take away functionality. Up to the total number for this package. You start with what you need, and you can always add on extra functionality (here) at any time in the future, as you grow and require more options.

Start your dream of running an online business now!

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