Professional E-Commerce Website for Online Sales - Professional E-Commerce Website for Online Sales -

Professional E-Commerce Website


Professional E-Commerce Website


Introducing Professional E-Commerce Business Websites. This is our premium package. This product includes a complete custom designed e-commerce online selling machine. It is great way to professionally sell products and services online, complete with payment processing.


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Professional E-Commerce Website

What is included in the package?

You get a Professional E-Commerce business website. This package includes a completely custom (not a template) designed e-commerce website. It’s great way to professionally sell products and services online, complete with payment processing.

With over 50% OF ALL WEBSITES ONLINE using WordPress, for the price, you won’t find a better development platform to run your online business.

  • $1799/site (one time fee)

This is a one time fee, no monthly payments. (Excludes; Domains, Hosting)


  • 1 Wire Frame Layout Design
  • 2 Home Page Design Mock-Up
  • 1 Products Page Design Mock-Up
  • Home Page Slide show Images

A wire frame is a block style drawing of your website layout. It is used to demonstrate each component of the design. Based on your wire frame, we then create design mock-ups of what your site will look like when its finished.


  • 1 Wire Frame Revision Rounds
  • 2 Home Page Revisions Rounds
  • 1 Inner Page Revision Rounds

We make some revisions to your design. See above for package details. After we deliver your website, you may request some changes or suggestions for improvement. After we complete them for you. This represent one (1) round. Request multiple changes and adjustments in one revision round. If you have more than one change. Add them all together and submit your revision round.


  • 1 WordPress Installation and E-Commerce Integration
  • 20 Plugin Installations
  • 10 Pages Created
  • 10 Products Added
  • 1 Shopping Cart Integration
  • 1 Blog Integration
  • 2 Menu Positions
  • 1 Subscription Opt-in Box
  • 5 Email Addresses

Our team set up your website according to the design brief and questionnaire you submit, and the options allowed in each individual package.


  • 10 Page and Product Content Integration
  • 10 Blog Content or other Integration

This is where our guys add your content. The words, images, graphs, forms, videos, and other content that you want to offer to your customers. You must supply the content. If you need help with your content, let us know through the contact form.


  • Client Revisions
  • Site Launch
  • Site QA (Pre-Launch)

After site completion, we begin launch sequence.


  • On-Page Optimisation

Includes on page optimisation. You pages will be mobile and search friendly


  • 60 days Support and Bug Fixes

Email support and unlimited bug fixes for the number of day in the package


  • $1799/site

With over half of all website run on WordPress, it’s perfect to get your business up and running.


  1. Add this product to your shopping cart
  2. Determine if you need hosting? Here
  3. Go through the checkout and pay ($1799.00+hosting if required)
  4. Fill in and return the order brief and the design questionnaire
  5. We proceed to build your wire frame and submit for your approval
  6. We then design your website pages and show them for approval
  7. We then build your website online, and present for your revisions
  8. Make all revisions and bug fixes
  9. Your site is ready to go
  10. We continue to tune and bug fix your website for the full support period.