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Basic Starter Website

New business or personal starter website or rebuild an old website with up to 5 pages.

This is where we set-up and build the website for you. We add your logo and all the details about you. We optimise and upload your images and other media. Them put it all together with 5 pages of your own unique content. Then hand it over to you.

After it’s all set up, you can publish an unlimited amount of your own content, including stories, article, photos, videos and more. All from within the admin dashboard. A secure place where you manage and control the content on your site.


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The simple step by step method for ordering a website. Displays prices as you proceed. No payment required.



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Why use us to build your site?

If this is your first website, then you should absolutely hire a company like us to build your site. Why? The so-called ‘free website builder’ software you see advertised actually does have a cost. Your time. They are frustrating and a giant time suck for most newbies. You will save a ton of time and stress getting us to do the build compared to doing it yourself on sites like Wix or Go Daddy.

What’s included in the Basic Starter website package

We build this site using the Free Genesis Sample templates. Or the Free WordPress 2020 or 2021 themes. This package has limited design options but it’s not an ugly site. It’s a great starting point or platform to build upon. It’s the perfect place to get your business up and running immediately.

This package is not ideal for website owners who would want a more customised website. (You can upgrade to a premium theme here) Free templates are great to start with and a perfect springboard to upgrade as your business grows.

  • $699/site

  • MOCK-UP – NO



  • 1 WordPress Installation
  • 5 Plugin Installations
  • 5 Pages Created
  • 1 Blog Integration
  • 1 Menu Positions

  • We build your site in ‘Coming Soon’ mode
  • Advise Client Login for first Revision
  • After Approval – The site is Launched Live

  • Basic On-Page Optimisation

  • 15 Days Bug Fixes

$699/site – Hassle Free Website Build

*All websites need hosting and a domain name. These items cost extra and are recurring. If you don’t have them, you need to select “NO” during the ordering process. It’s OK, we can do it all for you no problem.