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Google Ads Set Up – Single Campaign Ad Package

Hire Our Digital Marketing Team. Use them to set up an Adwords campaign for your business. Once set up you can leave them run or turn them on or off as your business develops..


What’s included in the package?

*This does not include the cost of running the ads. The advertising budget that we recommend (to get ‘your‘ desired outcome) is extra.

This is a done for you service. We set up the Google Ads campaign for you. All according to your stated goals and objectives. If we don’t think your goals are achievable, we will tell you up front.

In this package we set-up your paid search advertising campaign or Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign using the Google Ads platform. The platform allows the targeting of the most relevant and specific audience to match with your customers search intent.

When a customer types in your targeted keyword(s), your ad will appear at the top of the search results. Or it will rotate with other competing advertisers.

The price is a one off fee to set up, advise and support your custom digital ad campaign. It’s not ongoing. You can hire us additionally (on a monthly retainer) to manage your campaign if required.

$349.00 (One Off – Google Ads campaign set up)

Run them for as long as you want. Turn them on and off as required. Increase or reduce the daily spend as your business requires it. Turn them off (or down) when busy. Turn them back on (or up) when you need more work. Business on a tap so to speak.

This is what you get?

One Target Keyword – With Up to Five Ad Sets

  • Keyword targeting
  • Landing Page Brief
  • 1  x Ad campaign
  • Up to 5 x Ad sets per campaign

For each campaign, it’s recommended to create at least three ads sets (we create – max 5) that are closely related to the theme of your targeted keyword.

Landing pages are not included in this package. Let us know during the order process if you need us to do the landing pages as well.

For better ROI (Return on Investment) with your ad spend. We recommend you create your own highly targeted landing page. The homepage is usually not going to work. Landing pages direct people to take a certain action. The action you most want them to take.

Usually one of these.

  • Website Clicks (Eyeball on your page)
  • Email Leads (Customer fills in a form or completes a survey)
  • Phone Calls (Get customers call your number)
  • Online Sales (Customer completes the checkout process)

If you want us to set up an Ad campaign. These are the sorts of questions we will need to ask you. To help get the campaign moving.

  • The targeted keyword: or key phrase
  • Additional keywords: (Up to 5 sub keywords that relate to the main key phrase)
  • Goal: (Choice: Clicks, Leads, Phone, Sales)
  • Monthly budget:
  • What do you estimate the cost per lead/per conversion to be? (Or, What do you expect it to be?)
  • What is the average sale value of the product/service you’re going to advertise?
  • If you have some kind of customer avatar, that would be a good to have (not required)

$349.00 (One Off – Google Ads campaign set up)

Looking to generate more leads and increase sales ? We can help you with.

  • Keyword Research
  • Budget Analysis
  • Bid Setting & Adjustment
  • Campaign Set Up
  • Ad Copy & testing
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Campaign analytics


Ask about Sitelinks?
Sitelink extensions make your ad more prominent and allow potential customers to visit a specific product or page on your website with just 1 click. You may see increases in clicks, CTR, and cost if you add sitelinks. (Source: google ads)