Frequently Asked Questions

Login to the Admin dashboard with the user name and password supplied by your Account Manager.

Pages -> Click on your page title (or Edit)


Post -> Click on your post title (or Edit)

You can do this for all content types.

Here is a video that I found that show you how to do this

When we build you an e-commerce website we set up some base products for you. This makes it easy for you to use these base products to quickly set up similar products.

TIP: Pick a product that is in the same category or similar style to duplicate.

EG: Simple products, product with variations and attributes (EG: T-Shirts that have size, colour variations), Grouped product or downloadable or virtual products.

This will make it easier to edit with the new product information.

What To Do Next – To Duplicate a Product

Navigate to your admin Dashboard and Login

Click on Products -> and hover your mouse over the product you want to copy – ( it should look like this – below)

screen shot how to duplicate a product

Screenshot how to duplicate a product

Click on the “Duplicate” link

Or you can duplicate the product while you are inside the regular product view. Click on the product title or “Edit” link

Over on the right hand column -> inside the “Publish” box  is a link -> Copy to a new draft

(the highlighted area in yellow)

duplicate a product inside the product view

How to duplicate inside the product view

When you have copied the product, you should edit all the details about your new product that are different from the previous.

These could include some or all of the following;

  • The Name of your product
  • The product permalink
  • Descriptions (short and Long)
  • Prices
  • Images
  • Product Variations (if any)
  • SEO Snipet

Save the changes by clicking “Save Draft”,  and then click “Preview Changes” to view your new product. Check to see if everything is OK. Then you can make it public by clicking “Publish”.

Login to the Admin dashboard with the username and password supplied by your Account Manager

Appearance -> Menus -> Edit Menus -> Most recent

Select the New Pages and click “Add to Menu”

Drag and drop into position

For a Sub Menu

Drag and drop into position under the menu and slightly indented to the right

Here is a Video that explains this..

Login to the Admin dashboard with the username and password supplied by your Account Manager

Pages -> Add new

Here is a video on how to do this

The sidebars on your website are controlled by elements called “Widgets”. You can add/edit or remove sidebar items in the “Appearance” section of the admin dashboard.

Login to your admin dashboard and navigate to:  Appearance -> Widgets -> Primary Sidebar

What is a Widget? WordPress explains widgets as:

“a fancy word for tools or content that you can add, arrange, and remove from the sidebar(s) of your website”

Learn more about widget here

Sidebar widgets are set on any Page were the Sidebar is selected

If you don’t want the sidebar on a page, go to that page and under the “layout Settings” select the image with the full width option.

No. We do not develop static single or multi page website. We build all our websites using the WordPress platform. It is a proven system with more than 50% of all website on the Internet are built using WordPress. Including some of the largest companies in the world.

Using WordPress gives you a powerhouse of an administration to run your business, but all at an unbelievable price. Start by choosing a package that best suites you.

  • Starter E-Commerce Website

    Set up your new business online store or a personal website package that allows for ordering online. We include your logo, images and content. You can then self publish an unlimited amount of your content, including products, stories, articles, photos, videos and more inside the admin dashboard. Ask us about including t-shirt drop shipping software. Included free if required.


    Need Hosting? Check out our hosting plans by selecting below.

  • Professional E-Commerce Website

    Introducing Professional E-Commerce Business Websites. This is our premium package. This product includes a complete custom designed e-commerce online selling machine. It is great way to professionally sell products and services online, complete with payment processing.


    Need Hosting? Check out our hosting plans by selecting below.

  • Professional Business Website

    Professional wordpress business websites comes with everything you will need to do business on the internet. It’s the complete package. This website package includes your own completely original custom design, built to your exact requirements, corporate colours, everything. This is not a template design. We use the best of wordpress, business tools to help you run your business.


    Need Hosting? Check out our hosting plans by selecting below.

  • Basic Starter Website

    New Business or Personal starter website package. First, we set your site up for you, add your logo, upload your images and up to 5 pages of content (you must supply the content). Then after set up, you can publish an unlimited amount of your own content, including stories, article, photos, videos and more, all in the admin dashboard. You control the site.


    Don’t forget hosting? Select a Hosting Plan from below.


Hosting is the renting of virtual space on the internet. Your web hosting determines the location of your website. It’s where all your website files are placed, so your connected to the world. It’s like the block of land for your website to live on.

…Yes! hosting is required, prices listed are the annual rental rate for space (GB) on our web server. Typically, the more space you require, the higher the rental charges.

Choose a web hosting plan here ..or you can bring you own hosting.

Your domain name is the address of your website, but better, it’s also the directions to your website. Hosting is where it lives, your domain is how to get there.

So when you type your domain name into a browser, the internet uses your domain name to find your website and send the visitor over to your site. A typical URL (web address) looks like this (www.example.com) made up of 3 parts (www.your-business-name.extension) most importantly are the .domain-name and the .extension.

The domain name for this website is www.dotupp.com

You will need to choose a .domain-name and the extension for your website. Typically the extension for Australia is (.com.au)

Bandwidth is the total data flow associated with your website.

This includes all visitors who access and browse your website, download and upload to and from your website, email data send and received and uploaded via your email accounts.

Your Monthly Bandwidth usage totals reset at the end of each month. Each hosting account has a maximum amount of total data usage.

Check your hosting plan for the total Monthly Bandwidth usage allowance.

Choose a web hosting plan here ..or you can bring your own hosting.

We use Woo-commerce and depending on how we set up your products changing the product price can be a challenge. If we use variable product data the price is not easy to find.

If you use a Variable product, do these steps

Product data -> Variations -> Add Variation -> Set Regular Prices -> Go -> Enter price

change vairiable prices

If you have a simple product, do these steps

Change Prices in -> Products tab -> Choose a product -> Products data -> General