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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Business Details

Tell us about your business, what you do and what gets you out of bed in the morning.

Create a Word Doc or Google Doc. List all the products and services you offer as headings. Then for each of the product/services you offer, describe what they are/how they work/ in as much detail as possible. Add photos/images if you have them. You can copy this info from other websites (if your having trouble), just make sure to tell us what words are copied so we can reword it.

Who are your main competitors? How do you differ?:

If you have an ABN, please provide it or tell us if you don’t.

Need help with content? Check this help article.


A logo will make your website look more professional. If you don’t have one, just let us know.

Look and Feel

We build your website using a premium template or Theme. And we have hundreds of them to choose from. You can view them all from this theme page and follow some of the links. If you see one that you like, just tell us the name and we will use that. If you leave the site and look at themes on other websites, ignore the prices, we have licences for them all, and are include free with your purchase.

Otherwise, if that is very confusing, list a couple of website that you like the look of and why, and we will choose a Template/Theme for you and modify it.

A Domain Name

You don’t need to register one (we do that for you) we just need to know what name(s) you would like.

If you don’t know what a domain name is then read this, otherwise list 3 names in order of importance.


If you have one already, we need the URL and the login password to the provider where it is registered.

That’s it! Sent that through with your order. And remember don’t stress, WordPress let’s you add/edit content yourself.  So you can easily update it. We can even show you how to do that.

Purchase our Premium $499 Website Here

basic premium websites

This is what we will email you when you make a purchase. Use above as a guide when you send in your details.


  • Your Business/Site Name:
  • Is this a new website?: (yes/no)
  • Is this an existing site rebuild?: (yes/no) (if yes, see section 2)
  • Do you already have a domain? What is your URL?:
  • If you need a .com.au domain name (Please provide ABN and business details)
  • Describe the business/products/services you offer?:
  • Who are your main competitors? How do you differ?:
  • Website logo: (If you have one, Order a logo here)
  • Please list and describe the items you would like to see on navigation menu bar:
  • Do you have special features in mind?:
  • Is the content ready for your website?: (Order 10 Pages Here)
  • What Template did you choose? (Select Template here):
  • Do you want to change colours in the template? If yes! What Colours?
  • Supply up to 10 articles with or without accompanying pictures: (For us to post on website)
  • Please attach any other supporting word.doc/files/ideas/layout/other (if any):
  • What is your deadline for finishing the site?:


Section 2: If we are re-building an existing site

  • What are your top 3 frustrations with your current website?:
  • What do you like most about your current website?:
  • What do your current competitors website have that you aspire to?:
  • What other websites do you like and why?:


Sometimes we need to change things around. And WordPress makes it easy to change things.

To change elements in the footer (bottom section of the website theme)
Note: Not the copyright section, generally just above this.

These are Called Footer Widgets

Appearance -> Widgets -> Footer: Column 1-4

Just edit what you see…

Easiest way is just view in “Visual” Mode. Just copy and paste sections if you need to add areas. Or just edit the text as you see it. Don’t forget to save with the Blue Save Button.

Note: View in “Text” mode if you want to see the code or copy the formatting

You REALLY want to get your website started ASAP, but creating all this content stuff is slowing you down?

This is all you need to get started.

Page 1 : About Me

Hi There.

Thank you for visiting my website.  My name is [Tell us you name] and I love doing.. [Briefly describe what you business does].

I have been in the  [Your industry] industry/business/ for [Number] of years/months/days and enjoy every minute of it.

If you need any help with [What problem does your business solve] then I’m your next best friend.

Just get in contact with [me/my team] on the contact page and well get back to you in jiffy.

Photo: You doing the work or something personal to instil trust.

Page 2 : Contact Me

Easy, because all you need is your contact details: name, address, email, phone the usual stuff.

Photo:  A photo of your team, a work truck, your office/desk, worksite, or even a photo of your business card.

Form: We add a contact form attached to your email address (you@yourdomain.com.au)

Map: We will add a map if you have a location.

Page 3: Homepage

Headline: [Your Business Name]

[Describe what you do and the problem/s you solve for your customers] [How you do it] [Why you do it]

Photo: At least one photo of you or someone doing the job, or solving the problem. A happy customer. A finished job or piece of work. A finished Product or products. A before and after shots (even in-between if it’s interesting) The more the merrier.

Describe any services you have. Different types of products you have.

That’s it.

But if you want to do more you can.

  • Our Services Page (even a page for each service if there is lots of information)
  • Company Profiles
  • Image Galleys

Anything you can think of.

But you don’t need it right away. You can and should do it over time. Just keep adding more and more content to your site. This builds trust. Trust equals more sales and higher search rankings.

Our websites make it easy for you to manage content yourself. Or.. you can get us to do it if you’re to busy serving all your customers.

Login to the Admin dashboard with the user name and password supplied by your Account Manager.

Pages -> Click on your page title (or Edit)


Post -> Click on your post title (or Edit)

You can do this for all content types.

Here is a video that I found that show you how to do this

When we build you an e-commerce website we set up some base products for you. This makes it easy for you to use these base products to quickly set up similar products.

TIP: Pick a product that is in the same category or similar style to duplicate.

EG: Simple products, product with variations and attributes (EG: T-Shirts that have size, colour variations), Grouped product or downloadable or virtual products.

This will make it easier to edit with the new product information.

What To Do Next – To Duplicate a Product

Navigate to your admin Dashboard and Login

Click on Products -> and hover your mouse over the product you want to copy – ( it should look like this – below)

screen shot how to duplicate a product

Screenshot how to duplicate a product

Click on the “Duplicate” link

Or you can duplicate the product while you are inside the regular product view. Click on the product title or “Edit” link

Over on the right hand column -> inside the “Publish” box  is a link -> Copy to a new draft

(the highlighted area in yellow)

duplicate a product inside the product view

How to duplicate inside the product view

When you have copied the product, you should edit all the details about your new product that are different from the previous.

These could include some or all of the following;

  • The Name of your product
  • The product permalink
  • Descriptions (short and Long)
  • Prices
  • Images
  • Product Variations (if any)
  • SEO Snipet

Save the changes by clicking “Save Draft”,  and then click “Preview Changes” to view your new product. Check to see if everything is OK. Then you can make it public by clicking “Publish”.

Login to the Admin dashboard with the username and password supplied by your Account Manager

Appearance -> Menus -> Edit Menus -> Most recent

Select the New Pages and click “Add to Menu”

Drag and drop into position

For a Sub Menu

Drag and drop into position under the menu and slightly indented to the right

Here is a Video that explains this..

Login to the Admin dashboard with the username and password supplied by your Account Manager

Pages -> Add new

Here is a video on how to do this

The sidebars on your website are controlled by elements called “Widgets”. You can add/edit or remove sidebar items in the “Appearance” section of the admin dashboard.

Login to your admin dashboard and navigate to:  Appearance -> Widgets -> Primary Sidebar

What is a Widget? WordPress explains widgets as:

“a fancy word for tools or content that you can add, arrange, and remove from the sidebar(s) of your website”

Learn more about widget here

Sidebar widgets are set on any Page were the Sidebar is selected

If you don’t want the sidebar on a page, go to that page and under the “layout Settings” select the image with the full width option.