How To Duplicate Products in Wordpress and WooCommerce How To Duplicate Products in Wordpress and WooCommerce

How To Duplicate Products in WordPress and WooCommerce

When we build you an e-commerce website we set up some base products for you. This makes it easy for you to use these base products to quickly set up similar products.

TIP: Pick a product that is in the same category or similar style to duplicate.

EG: Simple products, product with variations and attributes (EG: T-Shirts that have size, colour variations), Grouped product or downloadable or virtual products.

This will make it easier to edit with the new product information.

What To Do Next – To Duplicate a Product

Navigate to your admin Dashboard and Login

Click on Products -> and hover your mouse over the product you want to copy – ( it should look like this – below)

screen shot how to duplicate a product

Screenshot how to duplicate a product

Click on the “Duplicate” link

Or you can duplicate the product while you are inside the regular product view. Click on the product title or “Edit” link

Over on the right hand column -> inside the “Publish” box  is a link -> Copy to a new draft

(the highlighted area in yellow)

duplicate a product inside the product view

How to duplicate inside the product view

When you have copied the product, you should edit all the details about your new product that are different from the previous.

These could include some or all of the following;

  • The Name of your product
  • The product permalink
  • Descriptions (short and Long)
  • Prices
  • Images
  • Product Variations (if any)
  • SEO Snipet

Save the changes by clicking “Save Draft”,  and then click “Preview Changes” to view your new product. Check to see if everything is OK. Then you can make it public by clicking “Publish”.