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The Best Free Places to Promote Your New Business Website – Start Here

If you’ve already taken the steps in this article, I have to say, you’re really on the ball. (We say: You’re Awesome!) If you haven’t, then take these steps immediately. It’s Totally Free to do…

How to Promote your Business Online – (First Steps)

Boost you businees with popular suite to link from

Why are we doing this?

Just like any business you need to promote yourself to get noticed. That means putting yourself out there. We’re doing this by connecting our website to the internet. This puts your business in front of potential buyers.

Here is an example: Imagine your new website is like an island sitting in the ocean, if you want people to come, you need to build some bridges.

You do this on the internet by creating a “link” from a very popular website back to your website. It sounds simple and it is.

Link building is absolutely vital to long-term website growth, but it’s soooo time-consuming, not to mention boring.

If you’re time-poor (…or bored easily), DON’T ignore it. Pay someone to do it. Get an assistant, borrow your cousin (pay us..!), someone, anyone to do it for you. Just don’t NOT do it. It’s an investment that pays off forever.

Step 1 –What to do first?


Claim your business on Facebook. This is Facebook’s Business/Fan Page.

Most likely you will have this already, but if not, get one. Add some posts and link them to your new website.

Make sure to add your website in the profile section. Use the Facebook tools to tell all your friends and contacts about your page.

Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Snapchat | Others

Claim your other preferred Social Profiles – make sure to link to your website.


Google is the hardest to get in, but the best place to display your business. It has a free section for all kinds of related Local Searches.

Their service is called “Google My Business” and here are the links.


While you are logged into your Google account, set yourself up on other Google properties, like:  Youtube.com, Google Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics.


Yahoo is tough to find a Free listing Page. Currently, it is located here…

This could change at any time, as Yahoo looks like it’s heading toward a paid subscription model.

Bing Local

The Bing Local listing, add yourself to Bing Local here.

Apple Maps

Start here to get a listing and a pin on Google maps

Promote your Business w/ Online Directories

The next set of links to add to your website are the big Business Directory. Some you may not have heard, some you would. All are good quality, so you should pursue them as well.

Select from a long list of web properties

List with the Major Directories

If you have a phone number, then listing your business with the Yellow Pages and White Pages really makes sense. It’s free to get a listing, so make sure to claim it.

Here are some others International Directories that also make sense and are completely free.


Local Australian Directory

Yelp Review Directory

Yelp is a Ratings and review website, worth listing.


Try it out… they are big in the US, and they may work for Australia as well.

Listing On Industry Specific Business Directory

Find Directories and services that cater directly to your industry. Here are a couple of examples, but you should know your industry well enough to be able to name a few.

Or do a search EG: “ Food directories” or “Restaurant Directory” just make sure they are well known in your industry and a good quality website. Here are a couple of examples.

Food and Events

Travel and Accommodation

Get your business out there and “Be Everywhere.” If you want more places, send us an email and I will send you a list of loads more places to get easy links to your website. 

Need Help Promoting Your Business? Hire Us!  Find Out How?


Listing w/ Local Australian Directories

Here is a list of Local Australian Business directories you can add your business for free.










More International Directories worth Listing








Try the Navigation Tools


Follow the instructions here

You will need to set up an account as per stage 2 above.

Then open MapShare Reporter

Zoom into your business location
Select the ‘point of interest’ image

the select ‘Add

then place the green pin as accurately as possible to your business entrance location

then complete the details for a new POI by putting your hours in the comments box.

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