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10 Hr Website Development Time – Any Tasks

Hire Our Developers for up to 10 hours. Use us for any number of different tasks, from design changes to application coding to business integration and automation. Purchase in bulk, but don’t worry your hours will never expire. This package includes 60 dots (equal to 10 hrs) of developer time.

This package includes 10 hrs of developer time.

Note: We keep your development time open for 12 months.
Update: Hours never expire


Hire our web developers for up to ten hours

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10 Hour Website Development Package

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10 Hrs Website Development Time - Any Tasks. Your hours never expire.

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What’s included in the package?

Hire Our Developers and get 10 hours of website development time. Purchasing this package, gives you access to our web development team. You can ask for any number of small or large jobs for our team to complete, up till your allotted 10 hours.


  • $699.00 (10 hrs of Development time)

Use this package to complete any numbers of jobs. Here is a possible list.

  • Website design
  • Landing Pages
  • Custom Forms
  • Shopping Carts
  • Content management
  • Custom plugins
  • Web functionality
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Syncing Applications
  • Payment Process
  • Logo/Brand design
  • Graphic design

Anything technical or internet related we can have a look at for you.

Note: We only work on WordPress Websites. If it’s WordPress, we can do it.