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Frequently Asked Questions

Your domain name is the address of your website, but better, it’s also the directions to your website. Hosting is the physical location. Your domain tells the browser how to get to that location and connects to your website.

So when you type your domain name into a browser, the internet uses your domain name to find your website and send the visitor over to your site. A typical URL (web address) looks like this (www.example.com) made up of 3 parts. (www).(your-business-name).(extension) Most important are the .your-business-name and the .extension.

The domain name for this website is www.dotupp.com

You will need to choose a .domain-name and the extension for your website. Typically the extension for Australia is (.com.au) or Globally the extension (.com, .net). If your business only serves customers in Australia then a .com.au is preferred. Otherwise use a global name extension.

.com.au domain names require an ABN (Australian Business Number)

  • Domain Name Registration

    $29.95/year. Domain Name Registration.

    Add this package to your cart if you don’t already have a domain name for your website.

    The domain name is the name that is typed into an internet browser where you will find your website. For example, this sites domain name is (Dotupp.com)


    Note: This is an Annually Recurring Charge.


Bandwidth is the total data flow associated with your website.

This includes all visitors who access and browse your website, download and upload to and from your website, email data send and received and uploaded via your email accounts.

Your Monthly Bandwidth usage totals reset at the end of each month. Each hosting account has a maximum amount of total data usage.

Check your hosting plan for the total Monthly Bandwidth usage allowance.

Choose a web hosting plan here ..or you can bring your own hosting.

We use Woo-commerce and depending on how we set up your products changing the product price can be a challenge. If we use variable product data the price is not easy to find.

If you use a Variable product, do these steps

Product data -> Variations -> Add Variation -> Set Regular Prices -> Go -> Enter price

change vairiable prices

If you have a simple product, do these steps

Change Prices in -> Products tab -> Choose a product -> Products data -> General



Turn coupons off here

Woocommerce -> Settings -> Checkout